SENS - Vendor Placement

Oryx Properties Limited
(Incorporated in the Republic of Namibia)
(Registration number 2001/673)
Share Code: ORYISIN Code: NA0001574913


Unitholders are referred to the cautionary announcement dated 12 December 2018 in which Oryx advised that the Company has entered into negotiations whereby a property will be acquired by vendor consideration issue and placement as authorised by the shareholders in terms of Ordinary Resolution No 6 approved at the Annual General Meeting of the company on Wednesday, 21st November 2018.

Oryx now wishes to advise unitholders that the transaction has been successfully concluded on 14 December 2018, with transfer of the property being effected on this date, and therefore said cautionary announcement is withdrawn.

Details of the property acquired is as follows:
Property: Steeledale (Erf 3519, Northern Industrial)
Sector: Industrial, 9367 sqm
Purchase consideration: N$23,609,490.20 (incl all costs and VAT)
Lease term: 10 Years fully repairing lease
Yield: 10.20%

The property was acquired by way of a vendor consideration issue and subsequent placement of the units with an existing unitholder, TLP Investments 137 (Pty) Ltd (“TLP”), in which two of our directors have interests.

In compliance with paragraph 3.63 of the NSX Listings Requirements, the following information is disclosed regarding dealings in securities by non-executive directors:
Name of directors: JC Kuehhirt , F Uys
Company of which they are directors: Oryx Properties Limited
Date transaction was effected: 14 December 2018
Price per linked unit: N$19.19
Discount: 5% of weighted average share price 10 days prior to issue date.
Number of linked units: 1,086,878
Total value of transaction: N$20,857,185.20
Class of security: Linked units
Nature of transaction:Sale of linked units by way of vendor consideration
Nature of director’s interest: Indirect beneficial. Through TLP Investments One Three Seven (Proprietary) Limited

Total number of linked units to be issued to TLP will be 1,086,878 comprising N$10,869 share capital, N$4,880,081 debentures and debenture premium of N$15,966,235.

In compliance with paragraph 3.66 of the Listings Requirements, prior clearance to deal in the above securities was obtained from the Chief Executive Officer of Oryx Properties Limited. The above trade was completed outside of a closed period.

The company is satisfied that the property was obtained at a fair value. The discount provided is in line with our shareholder approval as per resolution 6, obtained during the AGM held on 21 November 2018 as well as s5.62 (b) of the NSX listing requirements. The Company’s shares have also traded during the last 30 days and therefore no ruling was required from the NSX in terms of S5.6(c).

The acquisition of the property and the utilization of the vendor placement authority given is in line with Oryx’s strategy to grow the fund via the means of yield enhancing investments.

By order of the Board of Directors
18 December 2018
Sponsor to Oryx Properties Limited in Namibia
Simonis Storm Securities (Pty) Ltd
Member of the Namibian Stock Exchange