Oryx embraces the principles of corporate citizenship and embodies these in its interactions with local society, its unitholders, employees, the environment and all other stakeholders. In this way, we
contribute meaningfully to the economy, to social welfare and to the environment. We aim to build and sustain our corporate reputation and create conditions conducive to profitable business.
Guided by a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy, we focus on enhancing youth development, promoting environmental preservation and enhancing social welfare. Our CSR strategy includes a deliberate emphasis on social investment activities aimed at making a meaningful contribution to the local society. As a team, we also draw significant personal satisfaction from assisting our communities and find the various initiatives Oryx contributes to, and is involved with, incredibly rewarding.
Our corporate social investment (CSI) is concentrated on the following:

Environmental preservation
We are serious about our responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment. We focus on implementing water saving initiatives, renewable energy generation, efficiency improvements and waste reduction. Refer to page 29 in the Asset Manager’s report for more detail on environmental projects.

Promoting Oryx as a truly caring Namibian company
We provide support to social welfare initiatives that contribute positively to local communities. Our intention is to be a responsible corporate citizen, enhance our reputation and promote relationships with opinion leaders.

Social welfare and philanthropy
Our two-fold aim is to give back to local communities without the expectation of a direct material benefit in return, and to enhance Oryx’s reputation as a caring corporate citizen. Our focus includes:
  1. Health-related causes such as HIV/Aids, cancer awareness and treatment, and the Namibia Blood Transfusion Service
  2. Youth development
  3. Welfare

We considered our employees, tenants, assets and communities in our response to COVID-19. Refer to page 22 in the CEO and CFO report for a full overview of our COVID-19 measures.
In addition to the City of Windhoek Mayoral Relief Fund and a clean and free water project detailed below, we also:
  1. Participated in Co-Feed Namibia, a citizen-driven initiative aimed at mobilising food supplies and other necessities to the vulnerable within our communities during national lockdown. Two of our employees served on the Co-Feed Namibia Committee. A total of 1,325 parcels were handed out.
  2. We donated essential food to the Katutura Old Age Home, based in Katutura, Windhoek – home to approximately 32 pensioners.
  3. We donated various babies’ goods to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare.

City of Windhoek Mayoral Relief Fund

We participated in the City of Windhoek Mayoral Relief Fund during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Oryx, along with some of its retail partners, contributed and distributed 939 food parcels to Windhoek’s vulnerable communities.
All Oryx employees were extensively involved in this project. Employees dedicated a significant number of work hours to packing the food parcels and co-ordinating their delivery and distribution.

Our corporate partners in this project were:

Clean and free water project

When the COVID-19 lockdown period started, Oryx partnered with other local entities to provide clean and free water to Windhoek’s informal settlements.
This project co-ordinated the sourcing and delivery of clean water to informal settlements. This included conducting tests to ensure the water is safe for consumption and providing locations for refilling and delivering water.
Our corporate partners in this project included the Ohlthaver &
List Group, Namibbeton, Namibia Construction, LewCor Group, Pupkewitz Megabuild and Aqua Services.


We remain committed to the care of vulnerable children, which is evident in the various causes we supported during the year.

Church Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) Namibia

Oryx donated swimwear and towels to 125 children between the ages of four and 14 years at CAFO. This enabled them to treat these vulnerable children to a weekly swimming pool visit, contributing to their physical development. Oryx also renovated the children’s playground at CAFO and donated a jungle gym and Christmas lights and decorations. Over 150 vulnerable children receive after-school care services at CAFO.

Children’s Camp Namibia

We contributed towards printing booklets for a children’s camp that is hosted by Children’s Camp Namibia. Their aim is to give children a place where they can play and learn while affording them the opportunity to just be children. The camp was planned for May 2020 but due to COVID-19, an alternative date will be set.

Groendraai Primary School

Oryx donated stationery supplies to Groendraai Primary School, located on a farm 60 km south-west of Rehoboth, in the Hardap region. The school caters to approximately 160 children and is considered a facility in need.

Orange Babies Namibia

Oryx sponsored the admission to our trampoline park and a goody bag with stationery and snacks for 40 children from Orange Babies Namibia, together with one of our tenants, Planet Aero Trampoline Park.
We gave two photography students the opportunity to photograph the day. Oryx employees also dedicated their time to renovating the playground and getting involved with the community.

Namibian Kiddies Crèche

In November, Oryx teamed up with Urban Friction, one of our tenants, to treat 20 children from the Namibian Kiddies Crèche (a school for vulnerable children), to their first wall climbing experience, a breakfast at Wimpy Maerua Mall and a small gift. Again, we invited a photography student to capture the special moments.


Oryx, in collaboration with Maerua Mall, provided free space during November to raise funds for a young girl’s stem cell treatment through a hair spray and face paint fundraiser.


Throughout the year, we offered free space in our malls for the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia to contribute towards saving lives by providing a platform where blood can be donated.
Oryx provided space at various malls and shopping centres to the Electoral Commission of Namibia to assist them with performing their duties during the Namibian Presidential Election.
We also offered free parking in Maerua Mall to employees of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Windhoek.
In this way we contributed towards the pivotal role they play in rescuing and assisting animals that are maltreated, abandoned and abused.
We participated in and financially contributed to the Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project . The project raises funds for the Cancer Association of Namibia, which, in co-operation with the community, fights cancer and the impact thereof for the benefit of all Namibians by supporting research, health education and information, care and support services.

2018 - 2019

As a truly caring Namibian company, we at Oryx Properties embrace our obligations of corporate citizenship. Our comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) policy focuses on enhancing youth development, minimising our environmental impact, and making a positive contribution to the society in which we operate and to all our stakeholders. During the year 2018 - 2019, Oryx participated/contributed to various initiatives:

Children’s Camp Namibia, established in 2009, started off as a ‘fun day’ but by 2012 had evolved into an annual holiday camp for 49 vulnerable and disadvantaged kids aged 13 to 15 during the May school holidays. Activities include fun games sessions, sports, and workshops focusing on protection, nature and the environment. For the 2018 camp, Oryx sponsored an Oryx branded hat for each child who attended the camp.

The directors recognise the need to support education to assist in the sustainable development of the economy. In line with this, Oryx contributed N$20,000 towards the NSX/FLI Scholars Investment Challenge competition, which aims at raising awareness amongst scholars and the general public on the role and operations of the Namibian capital market whilst encouraging broad based participation by the Namibian public.

Oryx once again supported Namibia’s Church Alliance for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CAFO) . CAFO is a nongovernment organisation that cares for these most vulnerable members of our society. This year we assisted the Queen Elizabeth School by donating a carpet for use in one of their newly built classrooms.

During November 2017, some employees of Oryx visited the children's ward at the Katutura State Hospital in Windhoek. We handed out care packages and some soft toys to the children aged from 0 to 12 years. The packages consisted of some hygiene products and fruit. Diapers for the babies were also donated to the pre natal ward. Since a big part of Oryx’s focus is on the education of the Namibian child we also donated puzzles, colouring books, crayons, reading books and push boards to the Katutura Hospital School. The donation was done to brighten up the children's day and to give them an early Christmas gift.

During the year, Oryx supported various key initiatives of the Cancer Association of Namibia either through donating cash or free promotional space in Maerua Mall. The events/projects that we supported during this year were the shave/spray-athon day, Pink day and the Bank Windhoek Apple project. We at Oryx take responsibility for minimising our impact on the environment, and our aim is to be a ‘green’ company. This year, we expanded our green foot print through our solar panels at Maerua Mall. We increased our generating capacity from 1MW to 2.5 MW, adding 1.5 MW to our electricity grid. Basic energy saving measures can be implemented at low or no cost and the payback period for renewable energy technologies continue to reduce. Oryx will look to further this to our other properties within the portfolio. Refer to the Asset Manager’s report on page 27 to 31 for further details.

The Winter Knights is an annual project hosted by Round Table Namibia. This project is aimed at raising funds for marginalized communities all over Namibia. The main aim is to raise cash donations, in order to buy blankets for these communities. Any other donations in the form of old clothing, blankets and nonperishable food is also distributed to these beneficiaries. Oryx made a contribution of blankets and non-perishable food to the Winter Knights initiative and further assisted with setting up collection boxes within Maerua Mall to allow customers the opportunity to donate while shopping.

For the festive season Oryx had various initiatives to bring the Christmas cheer to all our shoppers. We arranged for children to be able to meet Santa and take a picture with him during the December period, which brought cheer to the little ones being able to tell Santa what they wanted most for Christmas. Annually we also allow the Salvation Army to use promotion space within the Mall to wrap Christmas gifts for shoppers who are willing to make a donation. Shoppers were further entertained by the St Boniface school choir which we brought all the way from the North of Namibia to bring Christmas cheer.


The installation of LED TVs in Maerua Mall has played a major role in the creation of awareness for several campaigns that Oryx holds close to the heart. By sponsoring the exhibition spaces as well as the advertising of over N$3,000, the campaign’s reach substantially increases as the initiative’s message is spread to shoppers.

SPCA - 2016

Over 2,000 dogs and more than 800 cats are brought annually to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Windhoek (‘SPCA’). Alarmingly, this number keeps increasing as more cases of illegal breeding, abuse, lost and donated cats and dogs are reported.

Sustained only by donations and grants, the SPCA is in dire need of any help, financially or by way of material donations. Oryx responded to this call of our neighbour, by hosting the Christmas and Winter Drive in Maerua Mall each year where shoppers are requested to donate blankets, dog food, toys and money to help keep the animals at the SPCA happy until they are adopted into a new and loving family. For three days, Oryx sponsored the exhibition space and provided advertisement on LED TVs throughout the mall. Oryx also donated a range of blankets, toys, food and dog jerseys to keep the worst chill at bay. An astounding N$15,000 as well as various merchandise items was donated.

With the animals present, excitement was abundant in the mall and revealed the positive transformation people could make in these animals’ lives by considering adoption. The project also
highlighted to shoppers what loyal and loving companions these animals could be to them and their families.


With the aim of increasing survival rates of patients in emergency situations, NECPA launched a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (‘CPR’) awareness campaign aimed at educating the public to recognize the prerequisites for emergency CPR and have the skills to perform CPR if needed.

With an exhibition space in Maerua Mall, they were able to educate and inform the public about CPR. Techniques were demonstrated as well as vital information given regarding who to call and queries answered regarding emergency care.

Oryx believes that vital emergency information such as what NECPA aims to highlight, could be one of the most important skills to have and aims, through cooperation with such institutions, to ensure a safer Namibia.


Freedom Climb in aid of the prevention of human trafficking is a world-wide project aimed at raising awareness of obscene human trafficking. Through donations and sponsorships, women from all over the world, including two Namibian women, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro signifying the ‘mountain’ thousands of people world-wide climb to escape the grips of enforced labour.

Oryx donated an exhibition space and free advertisement throughout the month on LED TVs. Freedom Climb sold merchandise and provided information about the harsh realities of human trafficking and ways in which the public could assist in this battle. All proceeds collected were donated to Namibian Non-Governmental Organisations (‘NGOs’) that are specifically aimed at uplifting and educating Namibian adults and children caught in poverty. Well over N$95,000 was collected, making the Freedom Climb a huge heart-warming success.


CAN is more of a community than an association with emphasis not only on awareness, but also on support of patients whether it be financially, emotionally or physically. Through cooperation with various businesses and media outlets, CAN is able to reach local communities and assist them in their fight against cancer.

Oryx is proud to be one of the businesses that stands together with CAN and as such hosts a number of cancer awareness and fundraising events each year in Maerua Mall as well as assists in raising awareness through social media and advertisements. Annual ‘shavathons’ are held with great success, supported by young and old. For those a little hesitant of a shave, funky hair sprays are also offered.

‘Blikskud’ initiatives are also held several times a year. One of the highlights of the year was the awareness campaign of Children Fighting Cancer Namibia where the Maerua Office Tower was coloured gold with spotlights in honour of all the brave little heroes fighting cancer in Namibia.


With a mere 0.8% of the Namibian population donating blood regularly, blood is almost always in short supply and by only receiving one extra donation from a person, three more lives are potentially saved.

Oryx is aware of and sensitive to the dire situation these dismal statistics place NamBTS in and actively assist NamBTS through advertising and monthly mobile blood donation stations to create as much awareness as possible and garner support for this vital lifesaving service.

NamBTS and Oryx have a long standing relationship and we are proud to be one of their number one supporters.


With most of the focus on the youth of Namibia, we tend to forget about the older generations and the hard work they did in forging the great nation that Namibia is today.

To thank them for their years of loyal support and to socialize with them and listen to all their fascinating stories, Oryx hosted a number of High Tea events each Friday from 18 November to
16 December 2015.

The residents were very excited, donning their Sunday best as well as the most beautiful hats and gloves. Beautiful invitations were made and tea and cake was served in a stunning setting in Baines Centre decorated in a fitting vintage manner.

It is important to Oryx that young and old feel appreciated, especially the loyal clients that have stood by us and supported us for many years.


With the worst of winter being felt by tiny little bodies going to school in ice cold corrugated buildings, Oryx launched a project aimed at providing a warm bowl of soup to three kindergartens nearby.

Morukutu Kindergarten with its 45 children and two teachers, AK Kantangolo housing 70 children and four teachers and Morning Star, with 69 children and four teachers with the principal, were all in need of Oryx’s support.

The project was kicked off by donating 15 kg of beef, 163 brötchens, margarine, vegetable combos consisting of onions, potatoes, carrots, butternut and oranges, packets of soup mix, various spices and 200 apples.

With a warm meal, these children could take on the day with renewed vigour. Oryx realized, however, that this was an ongoing project as the needs of these children far exceeded simply something to eat. Oryx has therefore decided to continue its relationship with these schools by providing much needed educational material to stimulate these little minds.

Children are the future of Namibia and Oryx firmly believes that by standing together to better the environment in which they learn, we can shape their futures to become strong and proficient leaders.


‘All children have wings, we only need to teach them to fly.’ – This is a statement Oryx believes encompasses the responsibility of all businesses in Namibia. By uplifting those facing challenges and providing a helping hand, we show that there is good in the world and that with hard work and determination, you can get anywhere in life you dream to be.

Oryx and staff donated a total of 37 shoeboxes, filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes, clothes, soap, body lotions and shampoo. As the ages of children living in Huis Maerua range from around 4 to 18 years, we packed the boxes accordingly. The youngsters received educational toys whilst the older children all received a range of writing materials. We topped off the boxes with a nice treat of juice, sweets and crisps.

With more than N$3,000 of goods, we hope to have helped fill the gap these establishments face in the current economic conditions but, most importantly, put a smile on the children’s faces as that is the true aim of Oryx’s projects.


With the current depressed economic environment across the globe, Oryx’s focus was primarily on uplifting our own people and keeping money in our local economy.

Oryx launched the festive season with a focus on our unique Namibian culture and sought ways to incorporate that into Christmas decorations in Maerua Mall and Baines Centre. Through innovative incorporation of Namibian resources and a focus on local community sustainability, Christmas decorations that were distinctly Namibian were created.

Oryx approached the Christmas decor project with principles of sustainability through skills development and the use of environmentally friendly materials whilst keeping in mind Namibia’s unique artistic fingerprint.

A Christmas tree was built and decorated with crafted doves made from the alien invasive Prosopis tree as a symbol of reducing its destructive impact on our environment. All artists and craftsmen and women were sourced from local communities which set a foundation for an art and design culture that can be sustained and become a local economic asset to Namibia.

We again chose to focus on the youth of Namibia this year as we encouraged small children to write messages of inspiration to their fellow Namibians. Once the message was written, it could be exchanged for a delicious ginger-cookie made by some senior citizens.

Children were also encouraged to join in the fun of crafting with lessons in folding origami doves which were then released to ‘fly’ over the lifts.


Oryx is a proudly Namibian company and via its new project, Namfever, it aims to spread this pride to the rest of Namibia. To set it apart from the other centres in Namibia, Maerua Mall wants to create a distinct Namibian experience when visiting the mall. The aim is to showcase the extraordinary Namibian talent, manufacturing expertise, products and tourism destinations our country has to offer. For three months, a range of events will be held to specifically showcase Namibian treasures.

Photo Competition
The Namfever photo competition showcases the most beautiful photographs taken in Namibia, of Namibia by amateur and professional photographers.

Team Namibia Pop-Up-Shop
The goal is to inspire a proudly Namibian feeling in Maerua Mall, boost the local economy and in the process create a sustainable future by promoting the use of local products and services.

Maerua Mall will work closely with Team Namibia, a non-profit organisation that mobilises Namibian consumers to buy local and promotes local production. The Pop-Up-Shop will give local Namibian producers a chance to showcase their products at our exhibition stands throughout the mall. These exhibitions will run from July to September during the Namfever promotion.

Tourism Expo

By promoting and showcasing local Namibian Tourism and lodges, Namibians will be made aware of the beautiful getaway destinations that are available to them right in their backyards.

With 16 lodges from all the regions of Namibia taking part in the expo and each lodge or hotel giving a weekend away, it is sure to be a hit with shoppers.



Oryx commissioned local firm NEC (overseen by Seelenbinder Consulting Engineers) to mount 4,000 grid-connected photovoltaic solar panels to the value of N$20 million, which will allow the shopping mall to generate at least 1 800 MWh (megawatthour) electricity per year and bringing welcome relief to the pressure currently experienced by the national electricity grid.

After the installation, the electrical day time consumption for the Maerua Mall node was reduced by about 25%.

The solar plant produced electricity of 1,407 MW per hour since it was commissioned which is equal to a saving in total CO2 emission of 1,128 ton. This is equal to taking approximately 221 cars off the road for a year.

By committing to this project, Oryx clearly demonstrates its intention to pursue and invest in feasible projects, benefitting both its shareholders and the environment. As a responsible corporate citizen Oryx will continue to invest in similar green building initiatives across its portfolio, as this endorses our intention to apply sustainable business practices.


A new adaptive lighting initiative at Maerua Mall is one of several energy-efficiency measures being adopted. Oryx recently gave the green light for the replacement of all fluorescent lighting in Maerua Mall's parking areas with LED (light-emitting diode) motion sensor tubes. Apart from electricity saved, the LED bulbs have a three-year guarantee and a lifetime of 50,000 hours, providing a considerable reduction in replacement and maintenance costs.

Maerua Mall experienced an average 25% reduction in common area electricity consumption post the finalisation of the installation.


The Namibian Bowling Association hosted its Corporate Challenge day at the bowling greens of Eros Bowling Club in Windhoek on 3 October 2014.
In order to raise enough money to send the various Namibian teams to the African States Bowling Tournament held in Botswana, as well as to host the Quadrangular Test Series in Windhoek, the NBA hosted a fun-filled day to encourage local businesses to support this worthy cause.

As an avid supporter of our local teams and because of our passion for promoting sport in Namibia, Oryx contributed by entering two teams into the Corporate Challenge as well as giving a sponsorship.

SPCA - 2015

Christmas and winter drive at Maerua Mall If you're thinking about getting a dog, be a hero and consider adopting a rescue cat or a dog from your local SPCA. You'll be saving a life and greatly improving yours.

Dogs and cats are amazing, supportive and heroic companions who can make a huge difference in your world, as a best friend, an exercise buddy or simply a fuzzy face to greet you after a hard day's work.

With that in mind, Oryx organised a Christmas and winter drive at Maerua Mall to generate awareness by getting the public involved in giving various donations or by adopting one of their animals at the shelter. The general response from the public was fantastic, with loads of blankets and heaps of pet food delivered to Maerua Mall and the SPCA of Windhoek.

Oryx Properties decided to join in on this act of generosity (of course fuelled by their love of animals) by sponsoring N$5,000. The Christmas and winter drive managed to generate a total of N$24,000!

Following the week of the drive, Oryx also organised an advertising awareness campaign within Maerua Mall on the various LED TVs. This initiative was done so that shoppers could see the various cats and dogs that were up for adoption at the SPCA. These drives had an impact on rooming several cats and dogs.


The 12th edition of the Absa Cape Epic took place from 15 to 22 March 2015. The untamed African Mountain Bike Race route was a staggering 739 kilometres and included 1,600 metres of climbing. Mountain bikers from across the world entered this gruelling race. Oryx strongly believes in promoting young Namibian athletes and thus decided to sponsor two of the more exciting young mountain bike riders in Namibia compete at the Absa Cape Epic.

The Namibian duo of Charl Fouché and Gerhard Mans Jnr went to compete at this prestigious event. They managed to finish in a respectable 140th position out of 600 teams.

Oryx sees the importance of helping young Namibians achieve their dreams and goals. Oryx is proud to be a sponsor for the healthy development of these young sport people who will undoubtedly go on to achieve stellar results on the international stage.


23 April 2015 saw the official opening of Maerua Mall Phase 3. The guest of honour at this official opening held at the Safari Court Hotel was President Hifikepunye Pohamba. The students of the UNAM Choir performed heart-warming music, including contemporary praise music, traditional anthems, powerful songs of rejoicing and songs of comfort.
Oryx was so touched by these sounds that they decided to make a sponsorship to the UNAM Choir in order to promote cultural development within the borders of Namibia.


The Lift of the Givers

During the upgrade and extension to Maerua Mall, what is commonly known as the “Checkers Lift” became redundant, as it was going to be replaced with a fivestop lift. As there was no alternative use for the lift in Maerua Mall, the alternative was to sell it as scrap or find a use for the lift in the community.

This use was eventually found in the old-age home in Gobabis, known as Huis Deon Louw. The building was originally opened in 1926 as a German Catholic Mission Hospital, which operated until 1981 when it was converted to the current old-age home.

The “Checkers Lift” was dissembled, boxed and transported to Gobabis. A lift shaft was constructed, and the lift was installed at a total cost of N$100,000 against a quote of N$1 million.

The installation of the lift increased the number of usable rooms by 13. Notably, two of the babies born in the original hospital are now residents of the home.


09 Oct 2018